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Introducing our Loaded Mixed Cookies 12 pack - the ultimate cookie experience! Whether you're looking for a gift or just can't decide on your favorite flavor, this box has got you covered. With a variety of flavors like Fudge, OG Choc Chip, and Banana Rama, there's something for everyone. Plus, you can freeze them for later and enjoy a special treat whenever you want. Each pack includes one of each flavor, including classic favorites like Oreo and new additions like Biscoff and Tim Tam Smash. Try them all and find your new favorite

Loaded Mixed Cookies 12 pack

  •  All Cookies are freshly baked on day of purchase/shipment and can keep in sealed packaging for up to 7 days or in an airtight container for 7 days at room temperature.
    All cookies can be frozen on day of receiving and defrosted when ready to eat.

    Cookies can be enjoyed as you receive them or heated in the air fryer or oven at about 160-170C for up to 4 mins.Please remember all ovens are different and have varying results so heat to warm.

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